Marzano Resources

Listed below each strategy are web 2.0 tools, online resources, or ideas to use technology as you implement the nine essential instructional strategies in your classroom.
There are great explanations and examples at the Focus on Effectiveness site.

Identifying Similarities and Differences

Graphic Organizers
Hotlist of Metaphors
Teacher Printables
Use Pages to create a Venn diagram
Interactivate: Venn Diagrams - great site for students to practice using Venn Diagrams
Use spreadsheets to create charts - Excel or Numbers (located in your iWork ’09 folder)
Use the table feature in Pages or Keynote to create comparison matrices.

Summarizing and Notetaking

Cornell Notes
The Trash-N-Treasure Method of Note-Taking
Kidspiration/Inspiration Software
Citing and Crediting with Young Ones (K-5) - Simple effective idea organization
Watch a video on -
MyNoteIt - students can add their classes on this site and take notes in each class. These notes can be shared with others. Includes a calendar and bookmarks.
iPod with Voice Recorder - ask students to generate verbal summaries

Reinforcing Effort and Providing Recognition

Reinforce effort by using rubrics.


*Intel's Assessment Tool - you must have a username and password to use this tool. It is worth the time though. There are many assessments created. These include assessments on group work, creativity, management skills, and many other topics. These can also be tweaked if you want to make changes.

RubiStar - this is a great place to find rubrics for a variety of projects: speeches, multimedia presentations, brochures, and many other projects. If you want to tweak a rubric you'll find it very easy to do! Change almost anything on the rubrics to make it work for you.

Certificate of the Month Club -
Create cards for Teacher’s annotations noting students’ progress
Big Huge Labs - create a magazine cover or poster with students picture to recognize their achievement.

Homework and Practice

Homework Review & Policy

Nonlinguistic Representations

Howtoons - engaging content that teaches kids how to build things, combining instructions with storytelling. Howtoons has a foundation of science and engineering education, inspiring creativity through art and imagination.
Graphic Organizers
Graphic Organizers
Create Posters using Pages
Fishbone Diagram**m**Burger Diagram
Gizmos from Explore Learning - simulations for Math and Science
Time Toast - an online timeline creator
Test Toob - a community for everyday scientists! Upload student-created science videos here.
To Tell the Truth Plays from Gail Hennessey
Skitch - a downloadable tool for drawing, taking snapshots, and more.
Data Driven Dialogue activities

Cooperative Learning

Technology Resources:
Webquests - Many webquests utilize cooperative learning. Most are integrated units that require individual responsiblities as well as team/group responsibilities.
Tom Snyder Software ( - Inspirer Geography Series; Decisions, Decisions;
Group & Cooperative Learning
Intel’s Visual Ranking Tool - students brainstorm topics or issues then work together to rank them. Students should comment on why they ranked items at the very top of the list and why they ranked them at the bottom of the list.
Data Driven Dialogue activities
Random Name Picker - use this tool to choose teams

Setting Objectives and Providing Feedback

Rubistar -
Create KWL Charts in Pages or Keynote

KWL Charts

Teacher Vision - this is a subscription site but you can view and print about 6 printables.

Education World: Teacher Tools and Templates

Scroll down to find the graphic organizers.
KWL from Teacher Printables


Generating and Testing Hypothesis

Gizmos -
Brain Pop -
Library of Congress - lots of primary source document here
Tom Snyder Software - Decisions, Decisions series
Project-Based Learning

Cues, Questions and Advanced Organizers

Keynote or Power Point Presentations
Using Tables in Word or Pages - KWL Charts
Highlighter tool in Microsoft Word
Anticipation Guides
Thesis Building and Online Outliner
Making an Outline
Skimming and Scanning
Templates for Advance Organizers