ELA Academy: July 24th - 27th

The Buhler ELA Academy will be from 8:30 - 3:30 at Prairie Hills Middle School. The first two days will be facilitated by various educators while the last two days will time for the PLC's to work together to prepare for transitioning to the common core. Lunch will be on your own all four days.
DAY 1: K - 5th Grades

Please read the descriptions for the sessions below the table and choose the sessions you'd like to attend.

Session descriptions:
  • 5 Things Every Educator Should Be Doing to Meet the Common Core
  • Visual Literacy - Visual Literacy is the ability to understand and interpret visual images and the ability to convey those meanings to others. Avatars, infographics, digital images and online publishing are some of the visual literacy tools that support 21st century learning skills, and help students communicate and share their learning with others. This session will share strategies, tools, project ideas, and resources for incorporating visual literacy in learning experiences. Peruse this wiki to find great resources!
  • Mashing Up Fiction with Nonfiction - Bring your iPads or cell phones (with a QR reader app) and we'll use QR codes to link informational texts/videos to literature. All district laptops have a QR reader installed so even if you don't have iPads for students you can still use QR codes. Go here to learn how to make QR codes.
  • The Daily 5: Fostering Literacy Independence in the Elementary Grades-The Daily 5 is a classroom structure that encourages student independence when using a "reader's workshop" model in the classroom. This will be an overview of the five components, including how to begin implementing the structure at the beginning of the year.
  • Strategies That Work - We will review the reading comprehension strategies presented in the book, Strategies that Work. Lesson ideas and activities will be shared that can be implemented across the grade levels.
  • Pathways to Reading (PTR) - This session is designed for Kindergarten teachers or reading teachers who work with Kindergarten students. We will walk through the updated materials that align with the Common Core Standards.
  • Infographics - Infographics are visual displays of information. This overview will introduce participants to the use of infographics as a literacy tool. This wiki includes many samples of infographics, the types of infographics, how to create infographics, and many tools that can be used on the infographics.
  • Wikis for Research Projects - We will look at a wiki set up to allow primary students to complete research projects. Then we will walk through how to collect information from the web to create wikis for students. Here's an example of a first grade wiki.
  • The Cafe: Engaging All Students in Daily Literacy Assessment and Instruction-The CAFE is an extension of the Daily 5 classroom structure that hinges on the 4 practices of proficient readers: Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency, and Expanding Vocabulary. It offers a model for assessing individual students while providing a balance of whole class mini-lessons, small group instruction, and individual conferences.
  • The Big Five - The Big 5 are the five components or areas of reading instruction which were reported to be essential to reading success by the National Reading Panel in 2000. This presentation will explain each of the five areas as well as their development across the grade levels.
  • Pathways to Reading - Screech Rules/Overview - This session is designed for teachers in grades 3-5 who would like to learn a little about the Pathways to Reading Program that is currently used in grades K-2. We will visit the "Screech" spelling rules, vowel town, and h-brothers... just to name a few!
  • Using Wikis to Create a Fluid Environment - Want a quick (wiki) way to turn your students into independent learners? Create a fluid environment so they'll be able to study the topic, explore interactives, watch videos, play games, explore visuals and more. They'll be able to access your wiki from home! You'll get the resources you need to get started on this wiki

Day 1: 6 - 12th Grades
Day 2

Math Academy: June 4th - 7th
All Buhler K - 12 math classroom teachers are invited to participate in our Math Academy from 8:30 - 3:30 at Prairie Hills Middle School. PLC's will work together with guidance from 2 facilitators from Wichita. The first two days will consist of delving into the mathematical practices and applying those to the new standards. The remaining two days will be an opportunity for teams to 'dig in', working on gathering online resources and materials, creating pacing guides, etc. with assistance from one of the facilitators. The purpose of this academy is to give teams TIME to work together as they become more familiar with the Common Core State Standards and to have an experienced facilitator while doing so.
Here is the tentative agenda.